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"I just wanted to take a moment now that I'm home from MA to thank you for helping make my daughter's shower so special and memorable!!  Everyone could not get over the dancing, it was so loved by everyone!  I couldn't believe we got ALL the ladies up to dance!!  Once again, I can't thank you enough!!!"  ~Heather Johnson, West Palm Beach, FL


"It is clear that Tara is passionate about her work as a bellydance instructor and performer. She keeps her classes fun while giving clear instruction to students of all ages and levels. I feel blessed to have her teaching classes at my wellness center, State of Grace.Tara is reliable and of the highest integrity as both a teacher and a person."  ~Nancy Anger, Owner of State of Grace, Yoga & Wellness Center


"When Tara enters the room she is a real crowd pleaser.  She is energetic, upbeat and fun.  She is great with interacting with her audience, putting smiles on their faces and giving them a great show"  ~Katina


"I've been taking Tara's bellydance class on Sunday evenings and loving it!!  Coordination is not my thing and I've never done any form of dance before.  Tara is a very patient teacher and focuses on our safety and posture.  She's always positive if she has feedback how to improve our form.  The movement feels amazing to my body, lively, stretched, energized and I'm loving my feminity!!!  I was going through a stressful time last fall and I found that this one hour to focus solely on what my body was so therapeutic.  It may sound silly, but it's brought a new level of joy to my life!!  We have a lot of fun there.  Some of us have become regulars, some rotate through, but everyone seems comfortable in this space with Tara's open presence."  ~Jeannie Feola



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